Everyone become the HERO in 20 seconds of anime style

"HERO HEROINE" is a new media artwork that combine fiction with reality by means of anime style. Now the technology that extends our sensation has become familiar, we can enjoy a unprecedentedly imagination by abandoning the commitment to the boundary between fiction and reality.

Experience of "HERO HEROINE" is about 8 minutes. By shooting of 10 cuts in front of the chroma key curtain, about 20 seconds of movie is generated. The poses and movements taken are analyzed and synthesized in real time, and you appear in the movie as the HERO with a transcendent power.

The movie will be released on the Internet immediately after the experience. The feature of this artwork is that the movie generated by each experience is incorporated into the story. To become HERO or HEROINE, it is necessary to defeat the enemy. The opponent you knock down is the previous person, and you will be knocked down by the next one. The ring world which the good and evil swapped will appear on Twitter's timeline.


Tsukuba Media Art Festival 2018

July 28 - August 5, 2018
Tsukuba Museum of Art  Map

Movies of 'HERO HEROINE'

Movies created by experiences will be published on Twitter's timeline. Follow GRINDER-MAN's Twitter account and enjoy.


"Virtual world makes me transform"

To imitate the transforming pose of a longing hero, it would be a boyhood experience shared by many people.
July 27, 2018 - Yomiuri shinbun

About us


GRINDER-MAN is the artistic group created by director Hitoshi Taguchi and the choreographer/dancer Makiko Izu. Their aim is to divert the idea of "here and now" by creating a spectacle of carefully planned sensory impressions based on the spontaneity of the reaction. The group carries out projects for museums, theaters, art festivals and various other occasions across Japan and abroad. Their art escapes generalization, going far beyond the boundaries of art. http://grinder-man.com/


Director / Visual Creator
Hitoshi Taguchi (GRINDER-MAN)
Makiko Izu (GRINDER-MAN)
System developer
Hikaru Takatori
Kazuki Sugawara
Technical direction
sforzando LLC.
University of Tsukuba Empowerment Informatics, artrecorder, Jun Kumayama, Strawberry Media Arts Co.,LTD
Production manager
Yuji Amano (GRINDER-MAN)
Hiroo Iwata


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